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Life On The Hill Church

735 Silver Spur Road, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

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735 Silver Spur Road
Rolling Hills Estates, CA, 90274
United States

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Life On The Hill is a Christ centered, Bible based, evangelical church located in the heart of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the South Bay.

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Give It To Jesus

Life On The Hill Church

When we understand how the boy in this passage is not simply giving a meal to Jesus to feed the 5,000, but is in fact sacrificing so much more to Him, the story takes on a different level of significance. Do we seek God for our own purposes, or do we give up ourselves to Him like this boy did?

God And Man

Life On The Hill Church

Jesus knows the evil of the heart of man. Yet despite our sinfulness, God gives us righteousness through Jesus and then wants to give us even more! If we have made Jesus our Lord, we need to become disciples.

The Crucifixion

Life On The Hill Church

God in the flesh subjected Himself to death on our behalf. He was unjustly punished for our guilt, doing something that we could never do of our own power. Jesus made it clear that He freely laid His life down. As a result, no one is to blame, and yet we are all responsible. May this lead us to wait in anticipation of Him, and may we always be hungry for more of Him in our life.

Man, God, And The Heart

Life On The Hill Church

As a follow up to last week’s message, the only test to see how much we love Christ is to ask ourselves, “Have we given up everything to Him?” It is important to note, though, that all true love is simply a response to the love God has already given us! His love fuels us, and His perfect love casts out all fear.

Prelude To The End Times

Life On The Hill Church

First, Kevin Menezes from Every Nation Ministries shares about God’s work in Mumbai. Then today’s message addresses how God’s judgment is coming, and how we ought to live in expectation of Jesus’ return as tomorrow is not promised. God is in the present, and we must be about His business now.


Life On The Hill Church

As Christians, we are called to minister to others and to simply be a witness. We are called to share with others what we have seen and what we have heard and understand that God is sufficient in His power and love. We only need to be obedient to God’s call for us.