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Life On The Hill Church

735 Silver Spur Road, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

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735 Silver Spur Road
Rolling Hills Estates, CA, 90274
United States

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Life On The Hill is a Christ centered, Bible based, evangelical church located in the heart of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the South Bay.

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Faith, Weeping, And Victory

Life On The Hill Church

Jesus seeks to increase the faith of His followers as the foundation of faith is found in Him. He will use trials to increase our faith and will turn our sorrows into victory. Jesus is the resurrection and the life!

Pastor: Rob Orr

Passage: John 11:17-46

The Security Of The Sheep

Life On The Hill Church

A true believer in Jesus acknowledges their dependence on Him, hears His voice, has a relationship with Him, and follows Him. True believers also cannot lose their salvation as they are kept eternally secure by the power and union of God.

Pastor: Rob Orr

Passage: John 10:22-42

The Great I Am

Life On The Hill Church

Jesus both claims to be God and powerfully demonstrates His deity in this section of scripture. The essential attributes of God are seen in Jesus: His eternality, His immutability, and His omnipotence.

Pastor: Rob Orr

Passage: John 8:48-9:41

Taking Jesus In

Life On The Hill Church

In this passage, the disciples are obedient to Jesus’ commands, and yet they still find themselves in the midst of a storm. Being obedient does not exempt us from the storms of life, but what God promises is that He will be with us in the midst of these challenges. Just as the disciples took Jesus in their boat, we need to take Him into our heart and life!

Give It To Jesus

Life On The Hill Church

When we understand how the boy in this passage is not simply giving a meal to Jesus to feed the 5,000, but is in fact sacrificing so much more to Him, the story takes on a different level of significance. Do we seek God for our own purposes, or do we give up ourselves to Him like this boy did?

Found By God

Life On The Hill Church

In this story of Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well, we see him pursuing the woman in order to save her soul. And that is the message of the Gospel! God finds us where we are and does the work of salvation that we can never do for ourselves.